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Hello guys, thought I’d share some of my favourite music tumblrs (blog owners hope you don’t mind, do let me know if you prefer not to have them up in this post): rr-tunes, ongakuneko, spectralwonder, zodiacspirit, vinhhamusic, j-ecoute, goodtimemusicforxx, tsukinofune, orangefilmgarden, vagabondedlife, idlesounds, herr-amn, musicsketchbook, koharu-biyori, i-was-born-backwards, distortional-addict, seitekishoujo, lilbauhausthebasedgoth, shibuyamorning, freewindcastle, destinationtokyo3, monsieurjimmy, 13th-robot, everysongaday, numberboy, withblurryeyes, toumeishounen, fahrenheit66, zenmasterstation, jsound, di-hyphesislyonesseofalbion, japanlove, mybodyintakeismusic, jrockvideos, jrockexplosion. Korean indie/alternative (there are lots but these are the ones I frequent): bhbara, undergroundkpopbubbletearex and fuckyeahkindie.

Hope that helps although a minority of them aren’t currently active. If I’ve missed anyone or if you’d like to recommend any music in general, send me a message anytime. Thanks to zepperis for this post. :)

holy thanks so much tbh i don’t even know why I’m on this list/this was so unexpected but super honoured bc jrockmp3 is the bomb. I follow a lot of these blogs too so yes go check out these awesome peeps. 

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Track: 위잉위잉
Artist: 혁오 (Hyukoh)
Album: 20
Plays: 222
Track: 泡沫
Artist: 邓紫棋
Plays: 2845
Artist: 魏如萱
Album: 在哪裡 EP
Plays: 265
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Track: 我的歌聲裡
Artist: 曲婉婷
Album: Everything in the World
Plays: 825
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#ballad #mandarin #mandopop
Track: i
Artist: Kendrick Lamar
Plays: 1178
Track: 疾走する閃光
Artist: fox capture plan
Album: Wall
Plays: 780
Track: 비밀
Artist: 이장혁
Album: 이장혁 Vol.3
Plays: 2152
Track: Denmark
Artist: Portland Cello Project
Album: Thousand Words
Plays: 759
Track: Nara
Artist: alt-J
Album: This Is All Yours
Plays: 614
Track: Sweet Dreams
Artist: Emily Browning
Plays: 5919
Track: Intro
Artist: Alt-J
Album: This Is All Yours
Plays: 9804
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Track: Miasma Sky
Artist: Baths
Album: Obsidian
Plays: 7343
Track: Rather Be
Artist: Clean Bandit feat. Jesse Glynne
Album: New Eyes
Plays: 96389
Track: Hunger of the Pine
Artist: Alt-J
Album: This is All Yours
Plays: 155503